I’ve been busy lately..*who hasn’t?* =P
School activities were soo tight last week..
It really made me exhausted both physically ‘n mentally..

We had our graduation 2 weeks ago..
It went quite smooth and I’m so proud at my students..
They had been practicing so hard..and they really paid it off!
They all did an outstanding performance..

Our fieldtrip was okay..
K2 went to Ragunan which was very hot that day..\
We went to the Primate Center which actually didn’t have the adequate
number of primates to be called a center..=P

For me, fieldtrip with K1 was much more interesting..
We went to Satria Mandala Museum.. with all the rifles, tanks, aeroplanes
belonged to our navy.
I’ve never been there before, so I was quite excited..hehehhe..=D

I was so exhausted taking care of those children..
but being with them was so much fun..
Despite all their naughty or silly acts..we had so much fun..

Last Thursday was the most tiring day..
It really took me emotionally..
I woke up with a deep mellow feeling..
knowing that it wud be the day to say goodbye to the students..
We were going to have potluck in classes..and saying goodbye was the hardest part..

Yeap I know we’re still going to meet them at school..
Yeap I know I only taught them for the last 3 months..
But they meant a lot..the thought of not teaching them again was so overwhelming
that both the teachers and students were crying..
I hate goodbyes..
but I really am happy to see them succeed..

I’ll have my own class next academic year..
Different students..
I know they’ll touch my heart uniquely..
Each according to God’s will..
But the thing I don’t think I can handle is..
to say goodbye to them next year..

I have only 1 year with them..then I’ll leave..
I promise I’ll cherish each and every moments with them..

So, kids..be nice to your teacher yaa..
Love u all -even before I met you..-


We got somekind of teacher’s chapel every Friday at school..
For me its like a refreshing moment at the end of the week
after the whole tiring week..

Today, we were blessed by this one team..
I’m not so sure ’bout the name of the team..but they’re ministering ppl
through dramas.. They play a short drama, its a bit like a broadway drama..
then they explained ‘n minister based on it..
It’s quite interesting since I’m very interested in drama..

Anyhey.. I can’t really tell u precisely bout the short act..
But I got a really nice quote today..

‘Partial obedience is DISOBEDIENCE..’

Sometimes we think that its OKAY to follow ONLY A&B rules from a set of A-D rules..
Following A&B rules makes us think that its okay to neglect the other two..
‘Hey..at least I’m following those two..’

It won’t go that way.. Partial obedience is disobedience..
God asks us to give HIM all.. To totally obey HIM..

It’s going to be a life time hard work..but I think its really worth it..
Obey the ONE who’s holding our future will help us to get the first prize
HE has prepared for us..

The big Q is..are u ready to TOTALLY OBEY HIM without questioning anything?

~Partial Obedience is DISOBEDIENCE~

Heiuehieuhe..so sorry I haven’t had time to update things..=)
I promised earlier about Bali post..
Pictures say thousands than words..

So, here I present u..

Wif my boy yang penyiksa..Hikx..T.T

Masih on the same spot di Ulundanu..

We’re flyingggggggggg..hauhauhauha..=D

With my crazy brother.. What a smell!! =P

Me! Centre of attention!! =D

Heiueheiuehuieh… We found the way out!!

The green us..ready for Safari!!

GWK.. hauhauhauha..gaya sekali kitaaaaaaaa..

Wat a family I have here! =)

Ini patung setengah jadi loohhh.. Ini aja udah gede banget..

Lihattt..betapa narsisnya kamiii..
Di tengah jalan bisa brenti ‘n pose dulu!

Me, my mom ‘n my li’le sis..
The view is sooo amazing.. How great is our God! =)

Ini di Bebek Bengil..=)
Dua kali ke sanaaa..nyomehhhh..
Tapi gak makan bebek..makannya Pork Ribs!
Highly Recommended! hauhauhauha..

Pertemuan mengharukan aku dan anakku..

Tempat perhentian terakhir sebelum ke airport..
Kuta Malll!!! Hehehhe..

Yah..inilah sekelumit foto2 di Bali..
We have actually around 1000 pics..*maklum keluarga narsis..*
Gak mungkin dong di post di sini..

Anyhey.. Bali is a really really fun place to go!

I’m so grateful that God provides everything in HIS time..=)
I got my niece today..
After months and months been waiting for her..
Now she’s here!!!

Introducing..my first niece.. CHARISSA HAZEL..

Charissa Hazel
Happy happy happpyyyyyyyyyyyyy..
Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..!! ^^

I promise I’ll be a GOOD auntie..heiuheiuehiueh..>=D

Keep saying to myself..
Over and over again..
‘You’ll be fine..’
‘You’ll be juz fine..’

‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..’

Announcement to make..

I had my birthday yesterdayy!!
Not to mention how old I am now..
I feel very old ady..=P

I did have a fun day yesterday..
I din go to work..
*since I juz come back from Semarang the day before & felt extremely tired*
So I juz enjoy my time at home..

Got so many surprises as well as nice presents..*thanks all..*

My bf said he din have time to go hunting for my birthday present
and promised to go with me this Saturday for the hunt..
but it turned out that he already bought a very nice feet chain to fit my bracelet..
and gave it to me on my birthday dinner..=) *thanks dear..*

I know he’s not the kind of guy who wud go around the mall alone..
So the effort of trying itself already made me happy..=)
Turned out that he asked my sister to accompany him to buy the thing..
They put out a very neat scenario that I wasn’t even suspicious..
He said that he had to take his laptop to the workshop and she had
to go to campus.. Neat one..*don’t try that scenario again next time..*

I was a bit disappointed when Nanda said dat she cudn’t join my
birthday dinner.. She had to teach.. But it turned out that she
sneaked in to the restaurant with my mom and dad..and surprised me there!

When I got home today..I got some presents from my dear families..
(my dear brother and his gf..IRENEEE..*biar narsisss..hihi* my mom and dad..
and my sisters..) a nice clutch bag and a pair of shoes..*which is not my type
actually..but I really appreciate it..* pasti pusing nyarinya..hehehe..

Not only that, C’Jun and family also send me a large pint of my fave ice cream..
Baskin Robins!! =) she queued for an hour to get that ice cream..
I’m so touched..thanks a lot.. I lurvvvv the ice cream..

I’m so grateful¬† to be surrounded by my beloved families, bf and friends
on my birthday..=) I thank the Lord for each one of them..
I’m getting older..time to get wiser..

I remembered posting about my birthday last year..
Wew..Time really has wings and surely knows how to fly! =)

HaPpY bIrthDaY to Me! YipPpPpPPpiEeEeEeEe..

Hoi hoiii..
I juz got back from Bali last Monday..
Haven’t got the chance to post it..
The pics masih scattered lagi..
Later I’ll post about it yaaappp..
Yang pasti aku menghitam sangattttt..